About the Blog

Why is a company like HellermannTyton launching a blog?
To answer this question, first of all we need define what a blog is.

A blog is a weblog, a website which is very similar to a logbook or a diary. This weblog is a medium for publishing regular articles. Whenever a company maintains a blog with the purpose of informing customers, partners and others with an interest about the company, its products and its competencies, we talk about a corporate blog.

Furthermore, there are theme blogs which are almost exclusively dedicated to different aspects of a specific topic. Video blogs, as the name suggests, are primarily produced in video format. Campaign blogs are usually online for a specific period of time. These are only some of the forms of corporate blogs, however, as there are many other types.

Blog.HellermannTyton.com is the corporate blog of HellermannTyton

Following the transformation of the internet from what was purely an information source into an interactive medium, HellermannTyton in Europe decided in 2012 to begin playing a more active role on social websites. That, of course, not only means creating new communications channels. HellermannTyton sees this as a chance to offer insights into the company that could otherwise only be achieved to a limited extent through classic media such as product catalogues, catalogues outlining industry solutions or through trade fair activities.

Transparency is essential today for a company like HellermannTyton. It clearly offers added value for target groups within the framework of corporate communications that goes beyond what our competitors can provide.

Last but not least, being an innovative company, HellermannTyton recognises an enormous opportunity in establishing itself as a leader in new media and building up its online reputation in order to make the company more visible and easier to find.

Starting from 2013, we will be posting regular articles in the Corporate Blog to explain all about the company HellermannTyton, our products and the system solutions we offer. These can be found in the category Markets & Industries. But a corporate blog also offers an opportunity to publish articles illustrating our corporate competencies that goes beyond the limits imposed by a corporate website.

As a company that develops highly specialised products, HellermannTyton would like to give its partners and customers an insight into how our individual solutions for complex requirements come about. You can read more about this in the category Research & Technology.

HellermannTyton is drawing upon all resources for the selection of topics, whether it’s new products [link], the use of new materials such as in the case of the environmentally friendly Robusto, new developments such as the Q-Series, new versions of sample bags for heat-shrinkable sleevings  or construction of our new technical centre in Tornesch, Schleswig-Holstein/ Germany.

HellermannTyton sees this blog as an opportunity to give target groups in the B2B sector insights into the world of professional cable management solutions through interesting articles, features, background reports, interviews and contributions from highly qualified experts.

We have created this blog not only with the aim of highlighting topics and providing information that we all find fascinating. We also look forward to your interesting comments and to engaging in professional discussion; often a particular article might outline a topic without aiming to cover this in all its different aspects. Comments can therefore be a good way to open up discussion in greater detail or to cast light on other aspects and points of view. Please take the time to read through the comment guidelines, as these will help you to find the correct tone and best promote a lively dialogue that will offer added value to the reader.