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Flexible, custom-fit cable routing: The new Ratchet P-Clamp cable clip

Flexible, custom-fit cable routing: The new Ratchet P-Clamp cable clip

For decades, cable clamps have been trusty servants to installers and maintenance engineers. But RCA, P and aluminium clamps have also always presented an inherent problem that makes working with them fiddly: cable routing and clamp fastening occur simultaneously. This is compounded by inflexible cable clamp diameters and cable insulation rubbing against the metal edges. The following article illustrates how HellermannTyton’s innovative Ratchet P-Clamp solves both of these issues and more besides.

Reducing costs, saving time, protecting cables from damage – these were the goals that product developers at HellermannTyton set themselves as they ventured to improve on the conventional cable clamp. The reinvention was prompted by an actual industry application: a client wanted to secure hydraulic tubes to a vehicle, but wasn’t satisfied with the conventional processing situation. The problem was that cables and clamps had to be attached simultaneously, which takes up a lot of time for the installers and makes cable routing a real challenge in areas that are difficult to access. Likewise, subsequently routing the cable would have been unthinkable without completely unscrewing and replacing the aluminium clamps.

The new cable clamps are designed to prevent damage and save on costs and time.

Ratchet P-Clamp Clip

The product developers at HellermannTyton were also bothered by the fact that the aluminium clamps didn’t have flexible diameters. For clients, this means having to have an enormous supply of clamps on hand at all times in all possible sizes. Installers also had to carry several different sizes with them during maintenance.


Another problem presented itself as soon as the vehicle with the traditionally mounted cables began to move: the aluminium clamps were not precisely adapted to the cable’s diameter. The cables moved and rubbed against the edges of the clamps. This would ultimately result in breakdowns and damage. Machines with hydraulic lines, however, could pose a serious risk to life in such situations: damaged hydraulic lines can cause machines to completely lose control. The hydraulic fluid can also spray under high pressure. Both scenarios pose a risk to life and limb.

The new Ratchet P-Clamp cable clamp separates cable routing and cable fastening

In answer to the dilemma, HellermannTyton product designers came up with the Ratchet P-Clamp: a cable clamp with separate cable fastening and cable routing functionality surrounded by a plastic ring, which can be flexibly adjusted to the precise diameter required. This offers a host of advantages when fitting clamps for wiring and hoses on construction equipment, tractors, cranes, lorries, trailers, trains or machinery.

The cable can be secured and fastened in the centre of the cable clamp

schwere Last, hohe Belastung, Aluminium, Befestigungsschellen, Kabel beschädigt, Kabel quetschen, verschlissen, Korrosion, P-KlemmeBy separating the routing and fastening processes, the cable’s path can be easily determined. First, attach the steel mounting plate along the desired route of the cable. Then simply fasten the cable into the clamp with a couple of clicks. The principle is similar to tightening a cable tie: the clamp is placed around the cable – the ratchet closure inserted to the cable’s end diameter and automatically centres it.

The cable is held firmly all around. This prevents the insulation from being pinched or damaged when the cables are mounted. In order to close the Ratchet P-Clamp with the same tensile force every time, HellermannTyton supplies an optional torque tab compatible for use with its EVO series cable tie application tools.

All four Ratchet P-Clamps (for bundle diameters from 6,2 mm to 51 mm) are easy to combine on a single mounting point. See here all configurations of the clamp:

Easily replacing cables without disassembling the cable clamps

The cable clamp simple to remove: you can use a flathead screwdriver to open the ratchet and remove the cable without having to disassemble the entire clamp. Take the rail industry, for example: if a power unit on a train has to be replaced, and an extensive cable harnessing along with it, the Ratchet P-Clamp saves lots of time and hassle.

Instead of having to remove and replace all of the conventional aluminium clamps, the Ratchet P-Clamp can be opened without undoing screws or bolts and the cable removed easily. This simplifies and shortens maintenance processes by almost half the time.

Ratchet P-Clamp: Cable clamps for high-performance application

Schwerlast, Heavy Duty Bereich, Aluminium, Befestigungsschellen, Korrosion, P-Klemme

Trains or ships, heavy construction machinery, tractors and trailers all demand long-term, high-performance components.

Durable, high-quality materials ensure that the extremely robust design delivers both high resilience and reliability.

Trains or ships, heavy construction machinery, tractors and trailers all demand long-term, high-performance components. The Rachet P-Clamp from HellermannTyton is designed for just such applications: its workmanship and robust design made from durable, high-quality materials ensure high load capacity and reliability. The polyamide (PA66) used is modified for impact resistance, stabilised against the effects of UV and weather-resistant. The Rachet P-Clamp’s stainless steel mounting plate is resistant to chemicals and salt spray and ideal for high-torque mounting. The Ratchet P-Clamps come in four sizes and in various angled mounting configurations, allowing them to be combined in a variety of ways.

You can choose four sizes ranging from small (A) to large (D):

A saddle mount on the top of the ratchet closure also gives you the freedom to fix other components to the mount using cable ties.

How to select the correct Ratchet P-Clamp for your installation?


Are you looking for mounting fixtures for cables, hoses or pipes which allow for significantly easier and faster cable management? Then the new Ratchet P-Clamps are just the thing for you.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the right Ratchet P-Clamp for your application:




Overview of the most important Ratchet P-Clamp facts for your cable management and mounting jobs:

  • The Ratchet P-Clamp allows for flexible wiring and hose management: one clamp can route different diameters. Cable fastening and cable routing are separated from one another, meaning that the clamps can be attached to determine the cable’s routing direction before you fix the cable in the clamp
  • The Ratchet P-Clamp can be flexibly set to the desired diameter – cables are not pinched or damaged in the clamp: the ratchet closure moves to the cable’s end diameter and automatically centres the cable at the same time. The cable is neatly enclosed in plastic. Particularly sensitive cables can be additionally protected with a rubber inserts (available separately).
  • The cable clamp is reusable: you can open it again with a flathead screwdriver to remove the cable without having to disassemble the entire clamp.
  • The rubber insert in the clamp provides additional protection for the cable. You can also use the optional tension tab (similar to a cable tie) combined with EVO hand tools. This ensures precise and repeatable tension control.
  • Durable, high-quality materials: the Ratchet P-Clamp is made from a PA66 modified for impact resistance, heat and UV stability.
  • The stainless steel mounting plate tolerates high-torque mounting and is resistant to chemicals and salt spray.
  • The clamp is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • The one-piece ratchet closure ensures easy manual installation during pre-assembly and final assembly.
  • The product is particularly user-friendly and simplifies and accelerates cable management significantly.

The product is particularly user-friendly. It simplifies and accelerates cable management.

For more information, visit our Website “P-clamps for mounting cables and hoses”,
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For detailed product information like article numbers, see the brochure “Rugged bundle management for heavy duty applications” click here.


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