Juliet Morgan meeting with the HR Team at HellermannTyton in China
February 28, 2024 / Company

Breaking down unconscious bias and removing barriers

Juliet Morgan, global lead for HR Projects at HellermannTyton, comments on equality, inclusion and empowerment at the international manufacturing company.

While the man versus woman debate and the challenges that women have faced in the past are something we can all learn from, HellermannTyton’s celebration of International Women’s Day is not about fuelling gender conflict. Instead, it underlines our commitment to embracing diversity of all kinds. … Continue reading

Cable bundling Tool Autotool
July 4, 2022 / Markets & Industries

Cable and fluid management in vehicle construction: What you need to know about future trends

In the grand scheme of vehicle design, wire and fluid management have often been treated as an afterthought. But the rapid transition from combustion engines to electric drive trains is forcing a rethink. Product managers and engineers are now having to look earlier for solutions to wire and fluid challenges. But, this early in the game, there are still many approaches and few standards. And that’s where HellermannTyton is pioneering some interesting approaches to cost optimisation of fastening elements. … Continue reading

HellermannTyton Innovation Challenge Team France 2021
March 31, 2022 / Company, Markets & Industries

How we learned to turn frustration into an innovation boost

The global Corona pandemic triggered an unprecedented level of disruption in our lives. The first lockdown of 2020 was like driving with the handbrake on. But that moment of deceleration led to an interesting opposite reaction at HellermannTyton. The company accelerated its efforts to answer the question: what can we set in motion now to do us all good beyond tomorrow? … Continue reading