Guidelines for Submission of Comments

HellermannTyton has created this blog not only with the aim to publish on topics and information that fascinates us all. We look forward to lively discussion with you on topics of interest.

We also look forward to your interesting comments and an impartial discussion, as often a particular article might only be able to broach a topic without aiming to cover it in full. In order to send us a comment, you will be asked to provide your email address. The email address will not be published.

Below you will find some comment guidelines. These are suggestions and recommendations on the tone and form a comment should take.

  • Begin the comment by referring to the article topic.
  • Always remain polite and professional.
  • Always try to differentiate clearly between fact and what is your personal opinion. Give sources of your information whenever this is necessary or useful.
  • Please do not publish information that is confidential or should be kept secret. The circle of readership is open and often large.
  • Please do not make comments for the purpose of advertising or which serve the general purpose of advertising.

Because this blog is just starting up, comments will not be published automatically. They will be read before publication in order to filter out those which have been generated using automatic mailing or which are spam.

In order to ensure that discussion remains within the framework of the generally acceptable code of conduct, editors of the blog reserve the right not to publish comments or the right to remove passages from comments before publication if these are not in accordance with the general rules of impartial and professional discussion.

In particular, comments will not be published that serve the express purpose of advertising. Similarly, comments will not be published that fail to adhere to the correct tone of a blog, such as comments that are racist or those which defame a person, institution or company. Whenever the rights of a third party would be infringed, in particular copyright, the comment will not be published.

We look forward to a lively and fruitful discussion. If you believe a certain topic should be addressed or if you would like to suggest a new topic for discussion, we would very much like to hear from you. Please send an email to

If you have a particular question about one of our products or our development competencies, please use the general contact form on the HellermannTyton website.

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