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Breaking down unconscious bias and removing barriers

Breaking down unconscious bias and removing barriers

Juliet Morgan, global lead for HR Projects at HellermannTyton, comments on equality, inclusion and empowerment at the international manufacturing company.

While the man versus woman debate and the challenges that women have faced in the past are something we can all learn from, HellermannTyton’s celebration of International Women’s Day is not about fuelling gender conflict. Instead, it underlines our commitment to embracing diversity of all kinds.

There is growing recognition in our organisation of the enrichment that comes from our unique perspectives and backgrounds. Our approach isn’t about perpetuating outdated norms or implementing quotas; it’s about challenging unconscious bias and breaking down barriers to fairness. In this way, our commitment to gender equality fits with our wider ethos of workplace inclusion, where all individuals are encouraged and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Our aim is to have more female candidates for leadership positions across our organisation – not through quotas, but by overcoming unconscious bias.

On 8 March, we recognise three of our female leaders, who through their determination and hard work, have taken on pivotal leadership roles within our organisation – positions typically held by men.
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Although we have focused on these three women, there are many other female managers and leaders across many functions at HellermannTyton worldwide. Our trio of leading woman serves as inspiration, showing that such positions are achievable within our company. We wholeheartedly welcome further accomplishments like these and encourage our female employees to aspire to such heights of leadership.

At HellermannTyton we recognise the power inherent in our diversity and cultivate a workplace culture where inclusion and equality aren’t just empty words.

We are fortunate to already be a company where the majority of our employees worldwide are happy to work here and express this with above-average loyalty. I firmly believe that genuine respect for other people, regardless of their background, gender or faith, is the key to this success. However, while our environment thrives on respect and tolerance, it doesn’t automatically guarantee freedom from gender bias.

It’s crucial to challenge stereotypes, which is why we are proactively working to ensure that our leadership and management teams undergo training and awareness on unconscious bias and how to overcome it.

Additionally, we’re pioneering new approaches. We’re deliberately facilitating collaboration among mixed groups from various departments, countries and generations to tackle innovation challenges beyond their usual tasks. Working together and sharing ideas like this fosters mutual respect for differences and enhances career experiences.

It’s time for all of us to acknowledge our biases and examine our workplace from a fresh perspective.

Juliet Morgen at HellermannTyton ChinaEngineering lies at the core of HellermannTyton’s offerings, and the success of our product solutions hinges on having the right mix of people in our teams. Consequently, we are particularly eager to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) wherever possible.

Dismantling unconscious bias and eliminating unjust obstacles is about recognising talent and providing opportunities for growth, irrespective of gender or background.

With over 20 years’ experience in human resources, and as a woman who has navigated her own challenges, I advocate for a forward-looking approach. I envision a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination – a world characterised by diversity, fairness and inclusivity. A world where achieving greater equality for women isn’t just a once-a-year conversation.

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