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HellermannTyton’s Q-Series with UL approval

HellermannTyton’s Q-Series with UL approval

In many parts of the world, new electronic devices must meet safety standards monitored by independent organisations. Compliance with these standards is confirmed with a letter and seal. HellermannTyton successfully passed such a review for its young Q-Series product range.

Put through the paces

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the United States is one of the best-known testing institutes worldwide. Components cannot be used on the American continent without the UL seal of approval.

That’s why HellermannTyton has its cable bundling and fastening systems certified according to UL 62275 (Cable Management System – Cable Ties for Electrical Installation). Once the fastening and fixing products have been put through their paces and approved, the UL-label can be used on them.

The test that the Q-Series passed includes UL approval for Q-ties made from PA66 (Polyamide 6.6) and PA66HS (heat stabilised), as well as coloured Q-ties made from PA66.

Watch the Video “HellermannTyton Q-Series – cable tie system with pre-locking function

UL approval is a benchmark of high standards in quality and proves supports HellermannTyton’s reputation as a reliable industry partner. More importantly, HellermannTyton removes a significant hurdle for its customers and partners trading their electronic devices on the American market.

How so? It’s simple: even as devices become increasingly complex, each individual component, in every colour and in every shape, must obtain a certification. This is a costly and cumbersome process for device manufacturers.

It becomes significantly easier and more cost-effective in the project and development phase if suppliers are able to provide individual components that are already certified. HellermannTyton is now able to do this with its complete Q-Series product range (UL online directory entry).

Internationally deployable: the Q-Series

UL approval 62275 is also identical in content to the German DIN EN 62275 standard and the Canadian CSA 22.2 standard. It can therefore be applied with no ifs and buts to the most important markets.

HellermannTyton can offer a broad range of products with UL approvals: long-standing HellermannTyton products such as T-Series cable ties and MB-Series mounts already gained UL approval years ago. As the Q-Series UL compliance shows, HellermannTyton continues to obtain certification for new products so that customers can deploy their devices with peace of mind internationally.


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