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HellermannTyton INSIDE: new online video format provides insights

HellermannTyton INSIDE: new online video format provides insights

For people, by people. What often sounds like a hollow phrase is a tangible part of our corporate culture at HellermannTyton. In a new video format, we take you behind the scenes and show you what makes us really tick.

When our colleague James Orsini passionately extols the virtues of his products, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a professional actor from an entertaining home shopping channel is in front of the camera.

But James is simply excited and momentarily forgets that a new video series is being filmed. His enthusiasm is quite genuine! Everything is real – HellermannTyton INSIDE is a documentary – showing innovations and emotions. For decades, we’ve been developing technical solutions for optimal cable management. We are constantly supplying the market with new possibilities, improving the best and reflecting self-critically on each success.

Evidently we are doing something right: a recent survey among our customers in 17 European countries conducted by an independent research institute found that 97 percent of the respondents would recommend HellermannTyton without hesitation. (The other 3 percent can rest assured that we are working even harder to satisfy their needs!)

Magic ingredient revealed!

Video star and project manager James Orsini takes a break between scenes
Video star and product manager James Orsini takes a break between scenes

There are people behind the HellermannTyton brand. And ultimately, what we design and manufacture is made for people. High time then, to experience more about our philosophy and way or working – presented by a great staff member, representative for all of us at HellermannTyton. The cameraman accompanied James Orsini into our product world, to the place where the solutions of tomorrow begin. It’s clear to see that we take our work and our customers seriously – but not always ourselves!



Casually, humorously and unembellished: HellermannTyton INSIDE documents the work and life behind our factory gates. Each episode includes a little bit of fun – all tongue-in-cheek, of course!

The result is not just a nice video format with entertainment value: HellermannTyton INSIDE is an open door through which viewers can get to know us more easily.

Popcorn and crisps at the ready on 8 November 2016…The first episode is going online!

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