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Precise cutting without recoil: The ergonomic EVO9 cable tie tool

Precise cutting without recoil: The ergonomic EVO9 cable tie tool

The non-stop tying and cutting of cable ties is an energy-sapping task for many assembly line workers. The jarring recoil that occurs when standard tools shear off the excess plastic band behind the tie head places great strain on the joints and ligaments. This can lead to injury and illness-related absences. Thanks to a piece of clever engineering, help is now at hand in the form of HellermannTyton’s EVO9 – a safer and more effective manual cable tie tool.

“The EVO9 is part of a new generation of processing tools for plastic cable ties used in heavy-duty applications”, explains product manager Jan Göllner. Focus was placed on ergonomics and the health of the user while developing the EVO9. “The integrated technology eliminates much of the recoil incurred when cutting a cable tie with traditional tools“. This significantly reduces the stress on the wrists and muscles of the user – even when working with the largest cable ties for heavy-duty application, where the tying strength is higher and the force of the recoil is stronger.

Standard processing tools tighten and cut the heavy-duty cable tie in one go, which can generate recoil proportional to the width of the plastic band. Over a period of time, this repetitive jarring can damage the operative’s wrist.

A piece of clever engineering makes the EVO9 different. Thanks to the integrated TLC (Tension/Lock/Cut) technology, the tool tightens the cable tie and then cuts the band after it is locked in place. The recoil, which makes cutting large quantities of cable ties over an extended period of time strenuous, can hardly be felt at all. The working life of the stainless steel blade is also positively affected by this: Up to one million cable ties can be applied before replacement is necessary.

Cable tie gun EVO9: fewer health risks – extremely easy to use

EVO 9 HT "high tension”, EVO 9, großer Bruder des EVO 7 (EVO7)
EVO9HT “high tension” Version

The EVO9 cable tie tool offers even more advantages. Unlike other cable tie guns, side cutters or cutter knives, the EVO9 cuts the cable ties flush. “In this case, flush means that the cable band is cut precisely at the head of the cable tie. Working with other tools often leaves a sharp or jagged nub, which can lead to injury”, says Göllner, while running his thumb over the smooth end of the cut tie.

First customers report that they find the EVO9 cable tie gun easy and enjoyable to use. It is very light and comfortable to hold. The tool can be used flexibly and is operated with minimal manual force. This means that installers find it easy to use even in areas that are difficult to reach, such as engine compartments. Another big plus: the tension can be adjusted precisely using the adjustment knob, which provides 33 different positions for even the thickest plastic cable ties. And a 3-position quick adjustment feature enables the user to switch quickly between different applications.

Heavy load area: the perfect tool for every hand

As a provider of premium products, HellermannTyton offers an ideal application tool for every type of cable tie. “Our experience has shown that holistic system solutions are particularly important for dealing with the challenges and problems of our customers – in this case it consists of reliable cable ties and the appropriate tools”, explains Göllner.

The EVO9 is the natural development of HellermannTyton’s manual tool range. Two further versions are available: the EVO9 SP with a smaller grip span and the EVO9 HT for use in areas with particularly high tying force requirements (up to 516 N). Göllner: “The EVO9 series is the big brother of our very successful EVO7, which was launched in 2013 and designed especially for cable ties with a width of up to 4.8 mm. The TLC technology, low weight and a more ergonomic form than its predecessor, the MK series, are aspects that have already proven themselves here. This combination makes the tools in the EVO series more comfortable and more powerful.”

Tough enough for heavy-duty use

The EVO9 has been developed for use in industrial environments. The cable tie tool is geared to the needs of factory workers, technicians and engineers and can help to reduce the number of illness-related absences resulting from RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury.

HellermannTyton customers using the EVO9 operate in the shipping industry, on wind power facilities, and also in the aviation and truck industries – everywhere where especially thick cables and wires need to be bundled and secured.

“The EVO9 cable tie tool works optimally and precisely with cable ties up to a width of 13 mm”, explains product manager Göllner. “Due to quality assurance requirements, it must be possible to apply cable ties repeatedly with the same level of accuracy: nobody can afford for wiring to come loose on vehicle that travel millions of kilometres. This combination of precise application and stress-free utilisation increase the performance of the user and the business. The EVO9 also minimises the health risk where thousands of ties need to be applied day after day. This means users can work more productively and with less physical strain.”

Do you need help choosing the optimum cable tie application tool for you and your employees? Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation.

EVO9 key facts

  • For use with plastic cable ties up to a width of 13 mm
  • Requires less hand force to operate than other manual cable tie tools
  • Comfortable to hold and use: less weight and an ergonomic form
  • Easy on the joints: No jarring recoil thanks to TLC technology
  • Precise adjustment and 3-position quick tension feature
  • Simple manual tool for portable use anywhere
  • Available in three versions: standard; smaller hand spans; highest tying forces.



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