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Label printing templates available directly from our online product detail pages

Label printing templates available directly from our online product detail pages

The need for clear and durable labelling in control cabinets, switch panels or on cables and conduits is growing across all companies. However, using external print services for labels often means long waits or high costs. Printing labels in-house with a suitable device and material is therefore becoming increasingly popular.
Using pre-configured print templates for Helatag and Helafix labels helps our customers in the European region achieve optimum utilisation of the printable label area.

The right template for any sheet of labels

Anyone who has ever tried to adapt a Word document optimally for label printing knows that print templates from the label manufacturer are worth their weight in gold. You not only save time, but also a lot of hassle.
HellermannTyton has offered templates such as these to download for a long time via the media library on the company’s website (see here: This way you can conveniently find and download the right template for any sheet of labels.

You then simply insert the content you require and the printed labels are ready for marking control cabinets, cables or anything else that needs to be labelled.
But now we have made it even simpler for you to locate and download the correct file! The print templates for the Helatag labels “White”/1101, “Yellow”/1102, “Silver”/1103, “White-transparent”/1104 (for marking cables of 1.5 mm to 22.3 mm in diameter)* and “White-transparent”/1105 (for bundle diameters of 11.8 mm to 36.4 mm)*, as well as HFX labels** are available in just one click directly from the product detail pages (see image).

Label printing templates "industrial printing" or inprint, laminate printing, label and object printingDownload the Word file, insert the information to be printed in the text fields already laid out and place the HellermannTyton label sheets in the connected printer. Print – and you’re done. That’s how easy it is!

Whether you’re producing labels for wiring, equipment, machinery parts, or printing tamper-proof industrial labels, you will find the right solution for every need at HellermannTyton.

* The Helatag labels 1104 and 1105 are particularly suitable for self-laminating wire and cable labelling since the protective laminate ensures the label is optimally shielded from moisture, dirt and mechanical wear and tear. These labels are printed with standard laser printers.
** For use with Helafix character carriers (HC & HCR)


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