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Identification in tough environments: new embossing printer shows light at the end of the tunnel

Identification in tough environments: new embossing printer shows light at the end of the tunnel

Even seemingly straightforward tasks such as clear and reliable identification of pipes and cables cannot be taken for granted under extreme conditions. Rain, mud, salt water, corrosive chemicals, bitter cold and hot glaring sunshine all pose challenges to men and materials in exposed environments.
To help technicians and operations managers master these challenges HellermannTyton has developed the M-BOSS Compact metal plate embossing printer.

metal plate marker, salt resistant, Stainless Steel Printing, metal plate embossing printer
The M-BOSS Compact embossing system is ideal for steel marker identification

M-BOSS Compact is at home on offshore drilling platforms, in refineries, mines or where cables are laid underground or any other inhospitable environments.
The identification system for metal markers is ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for a cost-effective alternative to the time-consuming procurement of pre-embossed metal plates from outside suppliers.




metal plate marker, embossing printer Despite its minimal size and light weight (only 35 kg) users can rely on M-BOSS Compact for reliable embossing of steel markers: the characters have been tested to withstand 1.5 million embossing strikes. It’s quick, too. M-BOSS Compact  can print a steel marker plate with 69 characters in under a minute.

HellermannTyton also supplies M-BOSS stainless steel marker plates for the system. These metal identification tags can either be fastened with MBT metal cable ties (maximum width 4.6 mm) or with screws or rivets. Find more information about our stainless steel cable ties with ball lock by clicking here: Stainless steel cable ties of the MBT series.

The M-BOSS marker plates are made from 316 grade stainless steel (ASTM, similar to V2A or V4A stainless steel) and are characterised by their resistance to weathering and corrosion.

But how do you get the characters from A to Z, the numerals from 0 to 9 and the various symbols ordered correctly onto the marker tag?

embossing, metal plates marker, embosser, metal embossing tags, 2015
M-BOSS marker plates are available in four sizes

The M-BOSS Compact stainless steel printer is operated from a PC or laptop computer (Windows 7 or 8). The print jobs can be generated simply using the TagPrint Pro 3.0 professional label making software which is included with the product. Alternatively, data from Microsoft Excel can be imported into the programme via an interface.

Feeding of the metal marker plates has consciously been kept simple: Once the process starts, a picker transports a marker plate to the embossing unit. Notches in the markers make it easy to load them precisely. The picker then pushes the metal marker into the print wheel and the plate is embossed character for character according to your predefined design. Watch the New Video “Stainless Steel Printing System M-BOSS Compact“.

Optional carousel of ten collection trays, each holding up to 40 markers

metal embossing, tags plates, metal identificationFor larger volume batches, embossed markers can be sorted automatically into an optional carousel of ten collection trays, each holding up to 40 markers.

It sounds simple and it is simple! Should the drawer accidentally be opened during embossing, the machine automatically shuts down.

The success of the finished result can be seen for itself: perfect metal tags individually and economically produced with the M-BOSS Compact steel printer system.

Further information on HellermannTyton’s steel marker plate printing system is available in the M-BOSS Compact Product Brochure.


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