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SpotClip addresses fire safety hazard from down lights installed in insulated cavities

SpotClip_App01_600px, installing downlights, LED, leddownlightLow-energy building standards and energy-oriented modernisation of buildings require increasing amounts of insulation in our home and workplaces. This often poses problems when installing down lights or recessed spots in insulated cavities. The risk of fire from installations that get too hot is significant.

Recessed down lights can be a fire risk

Results of a recent test commissioned by the Electrical Safety Council in the United Kingdom revealed that incorrectly installed down lights such as halogen luminaires covered in thermal insulation are one of the main sources of fires in the modern home (test report available from this page).
Without adequate ventilation to permit safe heat dissipation, lamps not specifically designed to be covered by thermal insulation, or installed too close to combustible materials such as roof timbers, can cause fires or harmful thermal effects to their surroundings.
A fire rating itself does not imply that a light fitting should be covered with insulation such as glass wool. Particular care must be taken where loose-filled insulation is used, as this can be moved easily by drafts or vermin and may then come into contact with the hot lamp.

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In this article, Steve Slater – Product Manager for Installer & Connection products – discusses the trend for downlight installation and dispels the myths surrounding LED lighting.

An installation conundrum

In order to permit the dissipation of heat, recessed down lights and their transformers should not be covered by insulation material and need to be protected against potential or future covering.
Although Building regulations in many countries do not prohibit leaving small areas free of thermal insulation around recessed lights in order to permit the dissipation of heat, this can have undesired effects on the thermal and acoustic performance of the premises.
Enter SpotClip, HellermannTyton’s innovative spacer and brace which protects lamps and surrounding building materials from overheating and damage.

An innovative solution

SpotClip addresses both fire risk and energy efficiency concerns by ensuring a safe distance between the down light, damping foil and insulation material which allows sufficient air to circulate to prevent damaging heat accumulation.
The product has a number of design features that help ensure full compliance with manufacturers’ lighting installation guidelines and building regulations.
SpotClip’s unique ability to be fitted from inside a room makes it simple to install in any scenario, even in old buildings.
Applying SpotClip is easy: Just clamp the supply cable and lamp connector to the cap of the housing before squeezing the flexible mounting feet together and pushing it into a pre-cut hole (62 to 90 mm in diameter) in the plasterboard or panelling until the lip rests on the rim of the recess and the integrated spikes secure it in place.

SpotClip made of non-flammable reinforced polyamide which conforms to UL94 V1, Glow Wire Test GWT 960 ° C
SpotClip is made of non-flammable reinforced polyamide which conforms to UL94 V1 and Glow Wire Test GWT 960°C
Retaining spikes keep SpotClip firmly in place and provide a secure cavity for recessed lamps.
Retaining spikes keep SpotClip firmly in place and provide a secure cavity for recessed lamps.
ideal halogen spots installed beneath a vapour barrier, Super Rod, LED downlights
SpotClip-I is ideal for use with halogen spots installed beneath a vapour barrier








Not only does SpotClip prevent heat damage to surrounding insulation material, the mounting device effectively extends the energy-efficiency and lifespan of the installed lamp by reducing the risk of overheating.
SpotClip prevent heat damage to surrounding insulation material and mounting device effectively extends energy-efficiency + lifespan of installed lamp by reducing overheating riskSpotClip is inflammable according to UL94 V1. It is made of high-quality glass fibre reinforced polyamide which is free of halogens and self-extinguishing. The product is currently available in two versions, tailored to different installation conditions.
SpotClip-I (maximum installation height 82 mm) is the spacer of choice for standard lamps such as tungsten halogen spots and guarantees a reliable gap between insulation matting and the hot illuminant.
SpotClip-II (maximum installation height 107 mm) is the ideal ceiling brace for taller LED lamps. Besides the mounting legs, this product includes four additional flexible lugs that keep loose injected insulation away from the light. These can be removed where necessary.


Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2015

Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2015; Vote for SpotClip downlight insulation guard
Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2015

For the second year in succession, HellermannTyton has been shortlisted for the Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2015, which celebrate the high level of service and the latest product innovation achievements in the UK’s electrical supply industry.

Vote for SpotClip downlight insulation guard as Best New Product at @EWMagUK Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2015


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