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Transparent heat shrink tubing allows for easy visual control of splices

Transparent heat shrink tubing allows for easy visual control of splices

Cable splices and ring connectors are a common feature of electrical applications. But unreliable sealing quality often makes these connection points susceptible to corrosion. HellermannTyton’s SA47 range of adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tubing solves this problem with an innovative solution.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers use heat shrink tubing lined with adhesive to seal and protect cable splices and wiring connections and give them an extra layer of protection – especially from abrasion and liquids.

Polyolefin heat shrink tubing is exposed to chemicals or radiation in order to programme it with a memory effect (cross linking of molecules). Under application of heat, the expanded tubes shrink to a specific “recovered” diameter, sealing splices and other cable connections tightly.
However, most heat shrink materials are opaque, making it impossible to visually control the quality of the seal – until now that is.

Clearly solving the challenge of visual seal control

SA47_DE_02_kleiner1077x669Working closely with customers, product engineers at HellermannTyton have developed a transparent polyolefin cross-linked (POX) heat shrink product.
Together with its excellent sealing and corrosion protection characteristics, the SA47 range of transparent, standard wall, semi-rigid heat-shrink tubing protects at a level that is quite unique on today’s market.
Furthermore, the specially modified adhesive lining in the tube is black, making the flow of adhesive inside the transparent tubing clearly visible to the installer.
This makes it easy to check the results of shrinking and adhesion and to see any trapped air pockets that could render the seal ineffective against corrosion.
Three SA47 heat-shrink tubing variants have been developed so far – standard, high-temperature and low adhesive types.
Standard SA47 is Halogen free and suitable for operating temperatures up to 125 °C.
The low adhesive type SA47-LA is also Halogen free suitable for temperatures up to 125 °C but has less adhesive in the lining, making it the ideal choice for ring connectors.
SA47 HT is a high temperature version, designed for operating temperatures up to 150 °C.

Application diversity: From automotive engineering to white goods

The spark for the SA47 product innovation originated in the technical challenge to provide outstanding corrosion protection for connection points across a variety of industrial applications, for example underneath vehicles or in refrigeration units.
Moreover, the transparent heat-shrink protective tubing has also been designed to meet specific demands for protecting and sealing connections and splices in the automotive industry. SA47 heat shrink tubing is resistant to oils and other fluids typically found in the industry.
The SA47 range has excellent temperature and moisture protection characteristics and is therefore an ideal solution for manufacturers needing to protect against the risks of liquid and chemical corrosion.

Improved quality assurance and extended product life

Visual control of the quality of a seal offers many benefits. In the event of a suboptimal flow of adhesive, the heat shrink process can be repeated to achieve the desired degree of quality. The result: greater product reliability and fewer warranty claims on manufacturers and suppliers.
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How effective do you find adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to protect your electrical applications against the effects of corrosion? In what ways could it be improved even more? We would like to hear your comments or suggestions.


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