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Fast, clean and reliable: RiteOn – manual cable labelling solutions

Fast, clean and reliable: RiteOn – manual cable labelling solutions

A quick look under any desk, in any server cabinet or electrical enclosure will show you that clear, professional labelling of cables and wires is indispensable. But not only legal requirements regarding the identification of electrical equipment and devices make clear labelling of cabling and wiring necessary.

Good cable labelling saves time and money and also helps avoid mix-ups, increasing safety as a result. Yet this is only the case when labels and markers can be applied quickly and easily and offer sufficient protection against moisture, dirt and mechanical abrasion.
Engineers at HellermannTyton have come developed a range of products, including RiteOn Self-laminating Labels, to meet these requirements.

Self-laminating labels for manual labelling: RiteOn

webRiteOn-Dispenser-and-LabParticularly when only a small number of labels are needed, for instance when performing repairs or maintenance work on cable harnesses, manual labelling with professional self-adhesive labels like RiteOn is worthwhile.
In contrast to sticky tape, insulation tape, or adhesive paper labels, RiteOn labels incorporate a laminate film that protects professionally against moisture, dirt, smears and mechanical abrasion. RiteOn labels are easy to apply and ideal for clearly marking wires and cables with a diameter of 4 mm up to 18mm. They are also available in six different colours.

webRiteOn_vid_screenshotBecause RiteOn labels wrap snugly and permanently around the cable and do not stick out like small flags, they are highly suitable for use in small server cabinets.
The following video shows you just how easy it is to apply the moisture-resistant labels to cables: Video-Clip.


Everything covered: the RiteOn Starter Pack

web8_RiteOn-Starter-Pack_DEHellermannTyton offers a starter pack which ensures you have everything you need to hand when using self-laminating labels for the first time. It includes the specially designed RiteOn label dispenser with its window for writing on the labels, a role of 150 adhesive labels and a black T82 marker pen with fast-drying, UV-resistant ink.



Specific labels for specific needs: a range of labelling systems

webHelasign_DE_02For the manual labelling of components such as cables, tubes and pipes, HellermannTyton also provides self-adhesive HELASIGN labels in a handy paperback format.
The transparent protective laminate used for HELASIGN products offers ideal protection against dust and dirt. We recommend using our T82 marker pen to write on the labels, as the quick-drying, UV-resistant ink can still be read clearly after many years.
Fabric-based HELASIGN adhesive labels are also available. These robust labels are resistant to oil, water and most solvents and perfect for either temporary or permanent labelling of components.

Incredibly convenient: pre-printed labels

webCWML_DE_01No matter whether you need to label pipes or cables with symbols, voltages, inspection status labels, wire and utility labels or industrial warning signs, HellermannTyton is continually updating its portfolio of pre-printed labels in line with the requirements of the electrical industry.
Even if you need to attach labels to difficult or uneven surfaces, these labels can be removed as required and offer optimum protection against dust and dirt.
Visit our website here to explore the full range of manual identification system solutions.


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