June 15, 2016 / Research & Development, Company

Formula Student Team Delft harnessed for success

Formula Student is an annual construction challenge with a series of races around for budding engineers around the globe to compete in. On 3 June the team from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands unveiled its latest vehicle – the DUT16 – for the 2016 competition. HellermannTyton is proud to support this young team with parts and technology for their spectacular racing car. […] Continue reading

May 11, 2016 / Research & Development

Fixing Ties and Elements for High Temperature Applications (PEEK, E/TFE “Tefzel”, PA46)

Some of the world’s most exciting breakthroughs have been by chance. Take the synthesis of polyethylene, for example, the most commonly used plastic today. But the overwhelming majority of advances in plastics engineering result from application of knowledge, injection moulding experience and design competence. Enter Polyetheretherketone, better known as PEEK, considered the first “designer polymer”; polyamide 4.6 and E/TFE (Tefzel®), all of which HellermannTyton uses in its part production on a daily basis. […] Continue reading

April 27, 2016 / Company

All for one and one for all! Fit for a king!

Electrical tape is an everyday object that is available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. But vinyl-based adhesive tapes are not just used by electricians or installers for insulating, bundling and marking cables and wires. With a touch of imagination, it becomes a wonderfully flexible material for artists to work with. […] Continue reading

CADANAS 3D data PARTcommunity January 10, 2016 / Company, Research & Development

Obtaining the right components more effectively by means of CAD data

To survive in international competition, manufacturers strive to keep the cost of production as low as possible. Yet even though suitable parts might be available on the market at a cheaper price, many still produce components more expensively themselves. By providing CAD data and 3D previews online for free, HellermannTyton now gives engineers an easy means of finding the right solution for their construction needs. […] Continue reading

December 28, 2015 / Company

The Norrköping Light Festival – Let there be light!

With the help of product sponsoring from HellermannTyton, the Dutch-based design office Serge Schoemaker Architects & Digiluce created an awe-inspiring installation entitled Alley of Light for the Amsterdam Light Festival in 2015. This unique work of art is on show for a second time and is now lighting up the winter months of December and January at the Norrköping Light Festival in Sweden. […] Continue reading