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Knowledge is power – welcome to the HellermannTyton ACADEMY

Knowledge is power – welcome to the HellermannTyton ACADEMY

Knowledge is a precious resource. Businesses that share and multiply knowledge are sustainably more successful. That’s the mandate for the HellermannTyton ACADEMY – the mainstay of our knowledge management. It’s the common umbrella under which we offer guests and staff all over the world training opportunities relating to our vast product range, as well as workshops where we work together to discover custom solutions to challenging cable management issues.


HellermannTyton has been in existence for more than 80 years. The company wouldn’t be in its leading market position today without the people who work here. We recognise that our staff are the key to our long-term success.

However, as our company continues to grow, we face lots of new challenges. Large numbers of young recruits are joining us around the world. Long-standing colleagues are heading off into retirement. Our customer base is also steadily expanding and technological requirements are changing. Success is in no way preordained. It would be a mistake to try and carry on as we have before. So that’s why HellermannTyton is investing concertedly in knowledge management.

Successfully passing on knowledge

Jutta Eckhardt, responsible for implemen-tation of the HellermannTyton ACADEMY concept in Europe.
Jutta Eckhardt, responsible for implemen-tation of the HellermannTyton ACADEMY concept in Europe.

“The HellermannTyton ACADEMY is our forum for transferring knowledge and sharing experiences. It’s open to colleagues as well as customers and partners”, says Jutta Eckhardt, who has Europe-wide responsibility for implementing the ACADEMY concept.

“Knowledge management that works properly guarantees that experiences and insights are continuously passed on and ultimately incorporated into the development of our products, services and solutions for customers across all industries”, she explains.

“It’s often the little details that make the difference to our customers. So we actively encourage all colleagues to maintain a level of general knowledge in their regions. Structured efforts to share information about challenges in cable management allow us to nurture, grow, harvest and share our knowledge “. This is how HellermannTyton is securing – and maintaining – its position as an expert.

Practical focus promotes knowledge transfer

The HellermannTyton ACADEMY doesn’t just exist physically at various company locations. Participation in well-structured training courses and knowledge projects is creating the ACADEMY in the minds of our staff.

“Being able to experience how knowledge is made into something really useful exponentially raises the potential for long-term success”, says Jutta Eckhardt. “With our ‘success through knowledge’ motto in mind, we provide access to a current and constantly expanding knowledge repository. Why? When we help our customers advance, we advance with them.”



HellermannTyton ACADEMY seminars, training and practice-driven workshops are the path to accessing the company’s know-how. Theoretical and practical knowledge is communicated in a clear and dynamic way. Products are not just studied but also sampled, installed and tested – hands on.

HellermannTyton ACADEMY colleagues at 25 locations around the world are primed to receive and encourage customer requests for specific use cases. They organise custom know-how transfer on all matters relating to cable management.

Through its focus on practical content delivery, the HellermannTyton ACADEMY is primarily aimed at electrical engineers, technicians, wholesale distribution partners and quality assurance managers. We discuss the products together to quickly find the basis for a solution, or to identify development ideas that can generate added value.

Actively shaping the future

Our ACADEMY is also available to staff for furthering their vocational development. Product knowledge, software and skills training – the focus is always on personal needs. We regularly help new colleagues get to grips with the company by giving them the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive orientation programme.

“Within a very short space of time, the HellermannTyton ACADEMY has started generating added value for both our customers and colleagues. Initial experiences have fully convinced us that this is the right strategy for us”, says Jutta Eckhardt.

Watch our videos to discover some of the ideas that emerged from the HellermannTyton ACADEMY and have been implemented in the real world: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3aJ7Pa-D6AIaMznn8fXfmO2XOIAuBz1T

“Knowledge is power and we intend to continue providing staff and customers with opportunities where they can actively shape the future. Sharing knowledge with one another really does help us to understand more effectively how we can meet individual needs”.

Further information and contact to the HellermannTyton ACADEMY is available here: https://www.hellermanntyton.com/company/academy

Anything to add? Do you have any insights you would like to share with us about successful knowledge management? Use the comments function to share your thoughts. We look forward to receiving your feedback!


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