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What is bright pink and can be opened with one hand?

What is bright pink and can be opened with one hand?

The answer to that question is a plastic cable tie – but you could be forgiven for thinking of a thermos flask or a lunch box! Discover why a client in the aerospace industry asked us to supply our reusable REZ tie in a special fluorescent pink version.

A distinctive and easy-to-use cable tie

HellermannTyton’s REZ cable tie is a fastening solution that we initially designed to help installers with packaging applications. For example, it is used as a closure system for storage bags that need to be easily opened and closed again frequently.


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The REZ tie features an arrow-shaped head with a patented one-handed release mechanism.  All you have to do is pinch the two side wings together to open the tie. The tie’s serrated inner surface and good mechanical performance enables it to meet the technical requirements of many industrial applications. In fact, on account of its distinctive design and strength some of us affectionately call it the Vader tie.

Standing out from the crowd

The fluorescent pink version of our REZ cable tie was requested for a specific use case during aircraft construction. The pink colour is unusual in this application environment, making it easy to find among a tangle of cables, even at a distance or in the dark using torchlight.

The special colour makes it possible to immediately identify and locate every REZ tie so that they can be removed once wiring installation is complete and they have fulfilled their temporary bundling purpose. Because REZ ties are simple to release with one hand and without the need for tools, the customer minimises the risk of damage from sharp objects or the leftover remnants of the tie itself.

Aerospace industry partner

Your job is to develop and create planes.
Ours is to create functional and innovative products for you.

Durability, high quality standards and excellent cost-effectiveness are integral components of our corporate philosophy.

Our products designed for use on aircraft comply with the particularly high quality standards upheld by the aerospace industry. HellermannTyton has a strong tradition in tailoring cable management components to specific requirements.

Above all, we rely on close cooperation with our clients. For custom product solutions, such as optimising the weight of plastic pieces or substituting metal pieces, our expert teams closely monitor market developments and work with you on research and development.

Aerospace Brochure: To open our Aerospace brochure please click here: “Together we can turn the dream of flying into reality.

A multi-purpose cable tie – always at the ready

The REZ cable tie is both multi-purpose and easy to use. It is particularly valued by the aerospace, automotive and railway industries. Designed in polyamide 6.6, it demonstrates very good fire performance (UL94 V2) and has been adapted for working temperatures between -40 °C and +85 °C. It has been created in different sizes and colours: The 4.6 x 200 mm tie, in orange, black, green and pink, and the 4.6 x 300 mm tie in black and pink, are adaptable to bring maximum added value to different applications.

Main benefits

  • Reusable cable tie
  • Easily released simply by pinching
  • Easily opened with one hand, even when wearing gloves


Cable ties from the REZ series offer an ideal fastening solution for packaging applications, including closing bags that need to be opened and closed frequently.

Reusable cable ties

Reusable cable ties are an ideal solution for temporary fastening needs. We offer a range of reusable cable ties in different designs, materials, sizes and various colours. Check them out in our blog here: Why a top line-up of releasable cable ties makes a winning team.


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