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Cable ties with low-profile heads – bundling without any snags

Cable ties with low-profile heads – bundling without any snags

You can use cable ties to organise, bundle or fasten cables. But in restricted spaces like control panels, domestic wiring or in the electrical industry, the raised heads of conventional cable ties can often be a hindrance. Cable ties with low profile or flat heads reduce the risk of damage to things around them. If you aren’t familiar with flat head ties, read on to find out more.

Cable ties are used to fasten and bundle a wide variety of items across all industries. But the head shape of the cable ties commonly used also varies from country to country. For example, flat head cable ties are more frequently used in Mediterranean Europe.

Difference in design preference is indicative of the fact that not every cable tie is suitable for every purpose. Climatic conditions and materials vary. Bundle dimensions, holding forces and loads are rarely the same. And some applications occur in particularly tight spaces.

Cable ties for bundling where space is limited

Wherever space for the hands is restricted or the installation is confined, LPH cable ties with low-profile heads are the answer. The flat head design allows the strap to be threaded parallel to the bundle. As a result, the head sits flush on top and is less prone to snagging or damaging other parts of an installation, equipment or people.

LPH cable ties with a double lock head design and wider strap also deliver greater mechanical performance than many conventional square-head designs. They are suitable for tying bundles in excess of 5 cm in diameter without taking up much space or posing a risk of injury to the installer. They hold heavy loads securely, making them ideal for materials in construction environments.

Cable ties where children’s safety is paramount

Low profile heads are not only of advantage when it comes to holding cable harnesses. They are also readily used on children’s playground equipment, especially indoor play areas. Because the edges of the strap and flat head are rounded PE cable ties help minimise the risk of injury where they are used to attach foam padding to poles or railings. Outside serration of the strap ensures that the soft material being bundled is not torn when the tie is pulled tight. PE series cable ties are available in a variety of colours, making them an ideal choice for visually marking different bundles.

Click here for more information in our brochure “Low profile cable ties for playgrounds”.

Plastic cable ties for cold, harsh conditions

Our Robusto Series cable ties are ideal for use in low temperature conditions. The polymer resin they are manufactured from (PA11) is derived from sustainable plant-based castor oils. This thermoplastic has the additional benefit of remaining flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. Robusto is also resistant to the detrimental effects of UV radiation and many chemical substances. It is the perfect cable tie for challenging offshore environments or construction sites.

Watch our video “Robusto – low profile head cable ties made of polyamide 11“.

Robusto cable ties make a further contribution to the environment. The design means that bundles can be secured temporarily whilst they are sorted and organised. This is a bonus in complex projects such as server room installations or long cable runs. The integrated pre-locking function of the Robusto cable tie makes it possible to re-open the bundle and add to it before it is finally closed tight in the right place.

Practical accessories for flat head cable ties

PE series cable ties combine well with organisational accessories like LOK01 wall plugs for drilled holes. These help make light and secure work in buildings where cables need to be attached to walls or ceilings and nail clips invariably fail.

Thick and heavy wiring is often run under ceilings. Cables for the power supply of the entire building branch off from these trunks. LOK02 mounts are excellent for fastening such heavy bundles. With their high load-bearing capacity, they are also used to attach hoses and cables on agricultural machinery and heavy goods vehicles.

Where the clear separation of cable bundles that run parallel is important, LOK04 spacers come in very handy. Cable harnesses that cross one another can also be piggy-backed where they intersect. The T120R Coupler is perfect for this. It also allows a 90 degree rotation of the connected cables or hoses. This in turns enables greater flexibility during assembly and final installation.

If you are looking for cable ties with specialised applications in mind like tight spaces, high load-bearing, temporary bundling, children’s safety, and availability in a wide range of colours, check out our brochure and ask your electrical wholesaler for HellermannTyton cable ties with low-profile heads.


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  1. Joseph swift-simpkin says:

    I’m looking for a large quality of low profile head cable tyres a cind of double lock system the type that are used for children’s play grounds.

    1. Hi Joseph,
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  2. Tanya Demont says:

    I am looking for cable ties suitable for child’s soft play area. Clear or white. I only require 20.
    Is this something you could supply by express post. Postcode 2444 NSW Australia
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    1. Hi Tanya Demont, please contact our collegues in AU: Best wishes, Nico

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