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Electrical tape: Quality pays off when the going gets tough

Electrical tape: Quality pays off when the going gets tough

Picture this scenario: Electricians are installing exterior lighting on a new building. They’ve mounted the lights just need to connect and insulated the cables. But then the weather changes and the outdoor temperature suddenly drops. As most PVC electrical tapes don’t adhere properly when it’s cold or wet the choice of materials can have an impact on both the short- and long-term success of the installation. The following article introduces HelaTape Flex 1000+ electrical tape and demonstrates that premium quality equates to excellent material performance even under challenging weather conditions.

Once you take electrical installation outdoors, the choice of good tapes for primary insulation and mechanical protection diminishes rapidly – especially when the tape needs to be UV resistant. That’s why HellermannTyton has the premium tape HelaTape Flex 1000+ in its range of professional electrical and technical tapes. It’s ideal for insulating wiring outdoors in the garden; around ponds and pools, on solar installations or for connecting cables to satellite LNBs.

The high quality vinyl and adhesive that make up HelaTape Flex 1000+ deliver excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, UV radiation and corrosion. It’s easy to handle and perfectly suited for use around electrical connections outdoors.

Not all black PVC electrical tape performs the same – with a premium tape you’re prepared for the trickiest jobs

Award-winning HelaTape Flex 1000+ premium vinyl electrical tape

Electrical faults have to be dealt with whenever they occur. Repairs can’t wait for the ‘right’ weather. So it’s good to have a premium tape in your toolkit when the conditions are more challenging. When the adhesive performance of some tapes disappoint in the depths of winter or the height of summer, HelaTape Flex 1000+ is always easy to handle and won’t let you down.

This premium tape is also the right choice for use around energy supply applications. For example, to reliably prevent cast resin from seeping out of a RELICON cast resin cable joint shell before it sets, no matter how cold it is outside. At sub-zero temperatures most conventional vinyl electrical tapes lose their elasticity and the adhesive fails.

Take a look at the “RELICON i-Line SF straight-through joints’ video to see how to assemble the RELICON i-Line cast resin sleeve for electrical installation in the low-voltage grid.

HelaTape Flex 1000+ premium electrical tape can be used reliably at temperatures as low as -18° C. The load performance when it is very warm is also much higher than conventional tapes. Incidentally, the exceptional wrapping performance in cold weather also impressed readers of the German electrical trade magazine g+h, who tested and rated HelaTape Flex 1000+ with top marks.

Perfect cable insulation for switch cabinets or sensitive cables

Premium tape for cable insulation or cable sleeve repair

HelaTape Flex 1000+ is also popular amongst electricians because the special rubber-based adhesive doesn’t leak over the edge of the roll. This characteristic makes it easier to work with in areas that need to be particularly clean: for example, in switch panels or in server cabinets. In addition, the adhesive tape is also available in two different widths (19 and 50 mm) and four lengths (6, 20 and 33 metres). Precise details are provided on page 8 of the “HelaTape brochure”. The premium tape also comes in a hard case that protects it from deformation and also ensures that no dirt adheres to the tape whilst it isn’t being used.

The HelaTape Series of electrical and technical tapes provides the right tape for everyday or specialised applications

For repairs around the home, like an appliance cable chewed by a pet, or a lead caught under a door, standard quality HelaTape Flex electrical tape is sufficient for repairing wiring up to 1 kV. Even the standard tapes in the HelaTape Series are carefully manufactured from quality materials that deliver good mechanical and electrical performance.

The following video recorded at the Light&Building trade fair gives an overview of our HelaTape range of tapes: https://youtu.be/QA0fUKkVBNY

Is orange your new black, or do you like it multi-coloured?

Orange PVC tape used in hybrid and electric powered vehicles

Are you looking for a specific colour? Or different colours to use as simple markers in your wiring plan? HelaTape Flex 15 tape is available in various colours – including redyellowgreenbluewhitebrownblack and orange.

Read our blog article “Orange heat shrink tubing: A sign of the times” here, and find out why orange is a popular colour for certain HellermannTyton customers.

Adhesive tape is not just perfect for cable insulation. It can also be used to create art, which you can read about here: “Art for the king, quality for customers!


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