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HelaTape Power: Professional, efficient cable jacket repair for electricians

HelaTape Power: Professional, efficient cable jacket repair for electricians

Damage to cable jackets is often the cause of errors in wiring systems. Electricians usually track down the origin of the fault quickly during a visual inspection if the cable is accessible – especially if the insulating sheath is ruptured to the extent that the inner shielding is shining through. This article outlines self-amalgamating mastic tapes from HellermannTyton’s HelaTape range that help you professionally and efficiently re-upholster and seal damaged electrical cable jackets or insulate splices and joints.

Weathering, corrosion, temperature fluctuation, dirt and groundwater: Cables for underground use have to withstand the extremes. If the cable jacket is damaged, the cable is permanently exposed to moisture and cold.

Electricians and maintenance engineers need professional materials to restore the primary insulation and repair the damage permanently.

The HellermannTyton HelaTape Power product range is ideal for the competent repair of damaged cable sheaths. Selecting the right self-sealing mastic tape depends on the cable classification and different tape properties.

Here’s an overview of HelaTape Power tape features to help you get started:

  • HelaTape Power insulation tapes are divided into low, medium and high voltage applications.
  • The tapes are made of silicone or ethylene-propylene rubber.
  • The rubber tapes, such as HelaTape Power 810, are halogen-free and corona-, ozone- and UV-resistant and are suitable for insulation and sheathing of splices up to 69 kV.
  • Depending on the tape, a high level of moisture and corrosion protection or an airtight, stable insulation layer can be produced.
  • HelaTape 800 silicone tape, for example, protects against creepage and surface erosion. It is resistant to general weathering, the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and oils.
  • The tapes are available with or without separating film.
  • Complemented with HelaTape Flex 1000+, HelaTape Power insulation tapes form the perfect combination for professional cable jacket repair.
  • HelaTape Power can also be used to repair damaged water pipes and to seal dripping taps.

HelaTape Power: the first step to perfect cable jacket repair

HelaTape Power silicone insulation tapes make the repair of cable sheaths quick and easy. The silicone tape amalgamates to a homogeneous mass as soon as you overstretch it.

How do you prepare and correctly repair a damaged cable jacket? Answer, watch this short FAQ video and grab a roll of self-sealing HelaTape Power 650 mastic tape!

HelaTape  Power bestsellers at a glance

HelaTape Power 650: for gapless and airtight insulation of cables up to 1 kV

HelaTape Power 650

HelaTape Power 650 can be used universally throughout most industries because it sticks to all commercially available cables and cable sheaths – even to silicone cables. You can use it sparingly: When wrapping, an overlap of only 50 percent is sufficient to form a seal. You have the choice of working with or without separating film: the HelaTape Power range offers you both options.

HelaTape Power 800: protection against current creepage and surface erosion

HelaTape Power 800

The self-amalgamating silicone HelaTape Power 800 tape is chemically cross-linked and has a triangular cross-section.

It is ideal for insulating transformers and outdoor machinery because it protects against creepage and surface erosion.

The silicone surface repels dirt and is resistant to general weather conditions, UV radiation and oil. The blue dividing line makes precise overlapping with the substrate easy.

HelaTape Power 810: sealing of cable terminations, electrical connections and cable jacket repairs

HelaTape Power 810

The HelaTape Power 810 self-amalgamating ethylene-propylene rubber tape is suitable for sealing cable terminations, electrical connections and repairs to cable sheaths.

It’s also used for insulation and jacketing splices and busbars up to 69 kV. The tape is halogen-free and corona, ozone and UV resistant.

It provides reliable protection against moisture and corrosion and forms an airtight and watertight insulating layer. The tape is compatible with all types of extruded cable insulation.

HelaTape Power 820: jacketing of terminations, connections, busbars and joints

109886_All_Languages_HelaTape Power 820 Step ID 109886 UNS 711-10402

HelaTape Power 820 is a self-amalgamating insulation tape based on ethylene propylene rubber.

It is suitable for jacketing terminations, joints, splices and busbars. It is quick to apply as it has no separating foil. The tape adapts particularly well to complex shapes and contours. It is UV resistant and creates a continuous, airtight coating.

HelaTape Power and HelaTape Flex1000+: an unbeatable combination for permanent cable insulation

Once you have padded the damaged cable sheath, the next step in professional repair is to insulate the cable from the outside. HellermannTyton offers the HelaTape Flex1000+ PVC tape for this purpose. It provides long-lasting and reliable protection against abrasion, moisture, chemicals, corrosion and UV radiation.

Visitors to Light+Building 2016 were able to try out the HelaTape Flex 1000+ in the practical “ProfiCheck” at the HellermannTyton stand. The positive feedback on the demonstrated advantages of HellermannTyton tape products was convincing. See for yourself!

The tape has also proven itself outdoors due to its excellent temperature resistance. In contrast to many other tapes, HelaTape Flex1000+ handles well at temperatures as low as -18 °C.

That’s a characteristic valued by energy supply companies: Even in winter, HelaTape Flex1000+provides a reliable seal on cast resin sleeves such as HellermannTyton RELICON cast resin joints.


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